Lincoln Avenue Gift Company is a positively joyous curation of elevated gifts, paper goods, and celebration essentials located in the heart of Central Arkansas. Joy isn't just something that we talk about, it's a lifestyle!

The journey to joy is paved in compassion, contentment, and confetti!


Meet the founder

Hey, hey!! Welcome to my internet home!! I'm Mari, founder and eternal optimist with a passion for creating moments of pure joy, gratitude, and celebration for everyone I can!  I'm here to guide you, inspire you, and celebrate you in a BIG way!

I’ve always loved giving gifts, but I come by it naturally! I grew up in a family where we love to celebrate people well, no matter how big or small the occassion! I’m that person that gets super excited for people to open their gifts I’ve given them and can hardly contain myself waiting for their reactions. That’s when I realized the power of a thoughtfully designed gift—it has the ability to touch hearts, ignite joy, and leave a lasting impression.

I found my inspiration for this company through my life experiences and creativity that all started on Lincoln Avenue in Lawton, OK, a vibrant community that felt like family where friendships blossomed, dreams took flight, and happiness filled every corner. This is my love letter and  testament to the love, support, and inspiration that flowed through the street, building the foundation of this joyful journey.