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Welcome to the Chasing Confetti with Mari blog! Everyone has something that they're obsessed with. For me, it just happens to be the idea that life should be joyful. Joy is absolutely a luxury that everyone can afford! That's my personal mantra. I believe in it wholeheartedly. I believe that every single person deserves to live a wholehearted life full of joy, gratitude, and celebration. For me, this is why I was put on this earth. I firmly believe my God-given purpose in this life is to spread joy, or as I like to say, chase confetti. 

What does that even mean?! In life, we have all of these beautiful moments, moments of happiness, moments of sadness, moments of surprise, moments of grief, and everything in between. These moments remind me of confetti. Any celebration is better with confetti. After everything is all over, you’re left with a beautiful, colorful mess that was so worth it because it brought that moment of celebration alive! I want to chase more of that confetti because that means that I got to experience a beautiful moment to get there. To put it simply, chasing confetti is finding the joy in every day and embracing the yay!

Chasing confetti can be as simple as smiling at a stranger, putting on your favorite lipstick that makes you feel amazing, giving someone that's having a hard time a hug, or redecorating your space because it puts a smile on your face. Putting more kindness in the world. Connecting more with those in your community. Being a helping hand. Being a neighbor. Being a good human! My job is simple. It is to be a good human to as many people as I possibly can. I want to live, give, and celebrate people in a big way. I want to chase and catch as much confetti as possible!

It's amazing that during this time of so much uncertainty, unrest, sadness, and division I am sitting in one of my greatest moments of gratitude and joy. Through that joy I am learning so much about what it truly means to celebrate life and wholehearted living.

Anyone who knows me well knows that I am a Brene Brown fan. She just gets me even though she stays stepping on my toes and hurting my feelings. Man, I love her for that! She is the one who introduced me to the phrase "wholehearted living" and it was as if the sky opened up and the choir sang. She gave us 10 steps to living a wholehearted life and as someone whose mantra is "Life is the greatest gift we've been given and the people and experiences in it are worth celebrating", I felt like she was speaking to me! 

I've been calling it living honestly, and while true, it still doesn't paint the complete picture. Yes, you should absolutely own who you are, what you want out of life, and live courageously out loud while empowering yourself to live a lifestyle that you love but I was missing a key piece of the puzzle. Doing all of that has to be done in a spirit of joy, gratitude, and celebration to make it worth it.

Today I am calm and content. Despite what the world is doing, my world is bright, filled with joy, embracing the yay, and chasing more confetti than ever before, taking each day and making it count. The mission still remains the same, perhaps even ignited more in my heart, because part of joyful living is being SEEN, HEARD, LOVED, SUPPORTED, and in my world, CELEBRATED. 

This space will be where I invite you into my world and share what a joy-filled, confetti-covered life means to me. Maybe along the way I will share something that ignites joy and inspiration in your life too! Until next time, my fellow joy seekers, keep shining bright and embracing the magic of a truly joyful life!


Joyfully Yours,

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  • Bg

    Life, with its many facets, is indeed intended to be celebrated!

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